Emmaus Community - Emmaus Worship Community - Albuquerque, NM
Emmaus Community - An independent home-church ministry with an ALF for veterans
Photo of Father Vincent of the Emmaus Community.  He will celebrate Taize Mass for our veterans.
Our Houses of Worship
Sunday Mass is celebrated at the residence of a member of the worship community on a rotating basis. Mass  follows a Catholic liturgy, but it is not connected to the Vatican.
For the Mass schedule, time and location, or to learn more about the sacraments please contact us.
Fr. Vincent celebrates Mass and ministers to those who need pastoral counseling.  He is an on-call volunteer chaplain with various hospice agencies and assists with funeral and grief ministry.

Fr. Vincent  collaborates with  Abbot  Chris  of  the interfaith community of the Order of St. Patrick  as well as with its members at Emmaus House He  helps them define their apostolic way of life and their ministry of  end of life care for veterans.
He was ordained in 1987 and is presently under the jurisdiction of La Sainte Eglise Catholique Charismatique du Canada.

Fr. Servasio in the cold Sandia Mountain snow! Fr. Servasio Michael Mtseka comes to us from Chikwawa, Malawi, Africa where he completed Seminary in 1990 and was ordained as a priest in the Diocese of  Chikwawa on the 17th of July, 1996.  

Fr. Servasio is a religious priest in the Order of Saint Patrick while also serving with Fr. Vincent in ministering to the needs of the Emmaus Worship Community.  Both Fr. Servasio and Fr. Chris will be moving into temporary housing for the religious community in a few short weeks while awaiting a move to the assisted living facility for homeless veterans in central Albuquerque:    Emmaus House - Albuquerque.  

Once the assisted living facility is in place and operational we will begin to seek a location out of town, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, for our Motherhouse.  It is from here we will begin our work with our Wounded Warriors who have come home from the most recent conflicts, having sacrificed sight and/or limb in service to this nation.   Being true to our mission, our Apostolate, we provide care, comfort and unconditional love here as well.  New Mexico offers a myriad of out-of-door activities throughout all four seasons of the year.  From snow skiing, snowboarding, tubing, hiking and horseback riding to rafting down the Rio Grande Gorge, elk hunting or experiencing the culture of the First Nations:  New Mexico provides the backdrop where the Divine Hand of God can work miracles, giving hope, peace and joy where before there was none.  

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