Emmaus Community - Events - Albuquerque, NM
Emmaus Community - An independent home-church ministry with an ALF for veterans
We are planning a telethon in the coming year.  At the same time we will have a live auction for items donated from NASCAR drivers, COSTCO, Cuisinart, Motorola Corp., Trader Joe's, to name a few of our corporate supporters.

We will begin our next events upon the return of Abbot Fr. Chris from visiting with his family the first few weeks of January.

Abbot Fr. Chris and Fr. Servasio will be moving into our temporary Motherhouse in Albuquerque on February 1st of 2014.  The temporary Motherhouse will be consecrated the first Sunday in February.  

No veteran should ever die alone.  Your donation goes directly to providing assisted living services to our veterans who find themselves not only homeless, but without family or extended family.   We will be their family as they pass from this life into the next. 

We will honor their service to this nation in perpetuity with our "Remembrance Tree" with a plaque with the details of their military service.   Neither they, nor their service, will be forgotten.
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