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Emmaus Community - An independent home-church ministry with an ALF for veterans
Walking on Christ's Path
Our community is not only about a prayer service on Friday and Saturday evenings, Feast days (Christmas, Easter) or even Sunday mornings.  This is true for both the Emmaus Community Parish and members of the Order of Saint Patrick religious community (Postulants, Novitiates, Temporary and Solemn professed brothers, sisters, priests and our lay members, Oblates).  
Our religious and oblates take the lessons learned from our services and try to apply them to everyday life. The same can be said of our Parishioners.  You will find our members from both organizations always working to make the community a better place to live all the while walking with Jesus on the Road to Emmaus, even to the point of stepping in His footsteps as we listen to His every word.
We currently have a number of community and support groups, including everything from our assisted living facility to the distribution of meals to the elderly and disabled in our neighborhood or even to aid our residents who were referred to our care through their  "Adopt A Vet" program. You will find a feeling of belonging and faith in Jesus.  
The service area for our assisted living and the adopt a vet programs will reach out to the entire State of New Mexico, Southern Colorado, Oklahoma/Texas Panhandles.
We also offer opportunities to participate in adult and youth Bible Study programs.  Fathers Vincent, Servacio and Christopher are capable Bible Study facilitators and welcome the opportunity to conduct both adult and  youth lessons.
Come to a meeting or join an activity "to test the waters".  Do not hesitate to contact Father Vincent if you are interested in the Emmaus Community Parish; or, Abbot Father Chris if you have an interest in joining our religious community. 
The Order of Saint Patrick of Armagh is open to both men and women and, in the spirit of Patrick, all who present themselves to community are welcome.  Married couples with a desire to serve mankind are also welcome.  Their vow of chastity would be to the marriage. 
The process for entering the religious community begins with the Postulency of six months to a year.  If the Abbot, and Novice Master, feel the candidate has grown enough, the next step would be to enter the Novitiate for a period of at least two years during which time the Novice Master will nurture the candidate along the path to Solemn/Perpetual Vows. 
Perpetual Vows take place after the candidate has progressed from the Novitiate to the stage of temporary professed where further formation will continue for a period of at least three years.  At the end of the three years the solemn professed religious will vote on whether, or not, the candidate progresses to his/her making their Solemn Vows.  At that time, the candidate becomes fully professed as a permanent member of the community with all according rights and privileges.
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