Emmaus Community - Necrology - Albuquerque, NM
Emmaus Community - An independent home-church ministry with an ALF for veterans
Those who have died. May the angels lead you to Paradise; May the martyrs come to welcome you and lead you to the holy citythe new and eternal Jerusalem.
Archbishop Charles Brearley
+August 19, 1978
Bernardus Johannes Cardinal Alfrink
+December 16, 1987
Paul Cardinal Grégoire
+October 30, 1993
Patriarch Andre Barbeau
+February 14, 1994
Rev. Joseph McMenamin
+February, 2006
Rev. Michael Dragon
+March 2, 2007
Édouard Cardinal Gagnon
+August 25, 2007
Msgr. David Klink
+May 22, 2008
Archbishop Michael Boucher
+April 2, 2010
Patriarch André Letellier
+Spring, 2012
The Following Music:
Credo by Jan Garbarek
Taize Prayer used by the Emmaus Community
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