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Emmaus Community - An independent home-church ministry with an ALF for veterans
Oblates are Christian individuals or families who have associated themselves with a religious community in order to enrich their Christian way of life. 
  • Oblates shape their lives by living the wisdom of Christ, remaining true and faithful to His teachings.
  • Oblates seek God by striving to become holy in their chosen way of life.
  • Oblates integrate their prayer and work, manifesting Christ's presence in society.
  • Oblates focus on striving to be people of God and temples of the Holy Spirit.
  • Oblates prayer life flows from this awareness as is their willingness to offer themselves for the service of God and neighbor.

Basic Values 
  • seeking God through prayer and reflection
  • spending time daily to reflect on Sacred Scripture
  • devoting time to the praise of God
  • developing a deep reverence for life
  • practicing moderation in the use of the goods of this world

Why Be An Oblate?
Do you have the desire to journey deeper into your spiritual life?  Do you feel something is lacking in your life and hunger for something more, but don't know what that "more" is?

Becoming an Oblate would enable you to join with others who share your search for a deepened faith and spirituality to explore the "more" that you seek and to put your beliefs and values into action.
 Our Oblates will eventually have the opportunity to join the community, living on the same property as our Brothers, Sisters and Religious Priests.  Oblates in our community will eventually be able to place a manufactured house on our property in the mountains of New Mexico, near Santa Fe.  Our Oblates may join in with us as we observe the Divine Office and daily Mass.  They are free to join in as little, or as much as they desire. An added 'benefit', if you will, would be those Oblates and Lay members who place a home on our monastic property, Holy Ground, would receive assisted living care and services from our community right in their own home.
Be with the community in the following ways:

Contact with the community through scheduled meetings to discuss points of the Rule of Taize of Christian life, and, as always, of Scripture.

To receive periodic newsletters, which may contain reports on community works, teachings on the Rule of Taize and other topics of interest concerning Oblates, such as the Rule of St. Patrick, St. Benedict or St. Brigit.

An Oblate will also have community contact through sending and receiving personal correspondence with the Oblate Director and/or with other members of the religious community on a regular basis.
"For Service to Mankind – Pro Utilitate Hominum ”
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