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Emmaus Community - An independent home-church ministry with an ALF for veterans

 New And Important   

It is important to note that 100% of all funds donated goes towards an assisted  living for homeless veterans Please Donate Now.  

 For a list of current donors please visit the page for OUR SUPPORTERS where all but those who wish to donate anonymously are listed on our Wall of Benefactors.

 The Emmaus Community
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

The Emmaus Community in Albuquerque, New Mexico is an independent home-church ministry, or in Spanish, a "comunidad de base".  

In addition to our worship community, which embraces the Taize style worship, praise and song; we are building an interfaith religious community, --The Order of St. Patrick of Armagh-- for brothers, sisters,  married individuals, and religious priests in Holy Orders and oblates to follow a life of simplicity, which observes the "Rule of Taize" as our foundation.    

The apostolic ministry of The Order of Saint Patrick, separate and apart from the worship community,  is to provide end of life services for our veterans.  The Order of Saint Patrick's mission is to be caregivers.  As with Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the community she established,  we do not preach, or teach a religion; rather, we carry His Gospel to the world through our daily living.   

The religious community follows the Rule of Taize written by Brother Roger, founder of the Taize community in France, just before his untimely death.  We use the precepts and tenants of their community as our foundation.   Our community, as theirs, is ecumenical in nature, open to all who would claim to follow Christ showing care and compassion to a world sorely in need.

Our one and only purpose is to care for the men and women who have served the United States in military service who now find themselves, homeless and in need and without family, or an extended family.  Our desire is to be their family, to care for and love from the depth of our hearts. 

No one awakens one morning to say, "Today I want to be homeless;"  In nearly all cases, homelessness is the result of a calamity beyond he control of the individual.  In New Mexico, over 300 of the homeless veterans are women with children.  

Our motto, our anthem and marching order is that taken by the Order of Knights Hospitallers from the Middle Ages: 

“For Service to Mankind – Pro Utilitate Hominum ”  

We serve, support, and fellowship as a family of believers

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